Assoc.Prof. Bongkosh Vardhanabhuti

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri, USA

Dr. Vardhanabhuti is an associate professor of food science at the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on integrating physical chemistry and material science to develop a fundamental understanding of protein and polysaccharide structure and functions in order to create novel food ingredients, improve functional properties of existing food ingredients and design foods with desirable quality and enhanced health benefits. Within her research program, the first goal is to optimize interactions between dairy proteins and hydrocolloids to create "clean-label" ingredients with improved gelation, foaming, emulsification and stabilization properties. The second goal is to determine how food microstructure and ingredient interactions affect digestion. This work will inform the design of a delivery matrix for particular applications, such as foods and beverages with increased satiety and improved blood sugar response.

9.30-10.00 AM

Thursday 28 April 2022

Potential health benefits of dairy proteins


April 28, 2022 Conference Program April 28, 2022 #1

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Potential health benefits of dairy proteins